english relics

English Relics pays homage to British History by transforming genuine antiquities into modern day wearable art.  English Relics designer Peter, an Internationally acclaimed fashion designer, has created a unique collection of necklaces, belts, earrings and cufflinks, each of which incorporates a genuine Roman, Viking, Medieval or Tudor archaelogical find.  By fusing style with history, Peter has created a new approach to jewellery.

When asked “how long did it take you to make this necklace?” Peter responds “either 2000 or 49 years, depending on which way you look at it” referring wryly to the age of the antiquity versus his own age.  He goes on to explain that whilst the nature of the historical artefact dictates how it will be used in his designs, he himself acts a conduit through which the essence of the relic is channelled.

Peter believes strongly in preserving the integrity of the archaelogical find, favouring working with his vast collection of antique tools wherever possible, rather than using more modern methods.  He handcrafts every item in the collection and even tools the leather used in some of the pieces.

Peter, who is based in Yorkshire, is passionate about his work and loves being able to bring antiquities that have withstood the test of time to life.

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