english relics

5 th November. American Women of Berks and Surrey, AWBS, Royal Holloway College 10-4 p.m. I havn't done this one at this location before, but I know it will be lovely! http://fayre.awbs.org.uk/
19th November. Latymer School Christmas Fair, Chiswick. 11-3 p.m. Busy fair with many interesting stalls
24th November. St Marys School, Churt.7-9 p.m. A lovely village school fair.
25th November.Myrtles Courtyard, Hampton Estate, Seale, Surrey 20th November 11-3 p.m. A lovely quirky fair in a gorgeous rural setting
26th November. Kings College, Wimbledon 11-4 p.m. I'm in the very stately Great Hall. it's a fabulous fair!
30th November and 1st December. Farnham Maltings. A large fai,r spread out over the fabulous art/drama studios. 3-9.30 p.m and 10-8 p.m on 1st.
1st December. RGS in Guildford. A new fair for me. Evening only
9th December. St Ives School, Haslemere 4-8 p.m. Another new one!

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